Voldex acquires Roblox sports game Ultimate Football

Voldex, the game studio behind user-generated content-based games in Roblox, Fortnite Creative and Minecraft, announced today that it has acquired Roblox’s Ultimate Football. The multi-million dollar deal (the exact terms of the deal weren’t disclosed) will see the game join other UGC-based titles in Voldex’s library, such as Driving Empire and Dungeon Quest. The co-creators of the game, as well as the core team, will also join Voldex.

Ultimate Football is one of Roblox’s top-grossing UGC games and has received over 150 million visits in six months. Following Voldex’s track record, it’ll implement several improvements and changes to the title to improve its already-high profile. According to the developer, Driving Empire received an 80% surge in monthly active players after it was acquired by Voldex.

Alex Singer, Voldex CEO, said in a statement, “We’re excited to work with the Ultimate Football creators and team. We’re proud to enter and lead in the sports category. Owning both the top sports and driving experiences on Roblox opens many great growth opportunities for Voldex going forward.”

Jason, one of Ultimate Football’s creators, said of the acquisition, “Voldex’s impressive track record of elevating UGC titles, their experienced team, access to resources, connections to game creators and the Roblox community convinced us they could unlock a new world within Ultimate Football. Their unwavering commitment to quality game development and a community-first approach sets them apart from other major studios. With a shared passion for Ultimate Football, we’re collaboratively shaping an exciting future roadmap, covering performance enhancements, community-requested features, and significant partnerships.”


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