Today's best Kindle deals include the Kindle Scribe for $100 off

If you’re an avid reader or love to take notes while you’re studying, there’s an Amazon Kindle e-reader on sale today that could be a great fit for you — and save you up to $100. Check out our favorite Kindles on sale for adults and kids alike:

The best Kindle deals at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Scribe

As of March 30, there’s a Kindle on sale for readers, doodlers, and note-takers of all ages. Whether you want to take 30 books with you on your next vacation, mark up documents on the go, or keep your kid entertained on long travel days, we’ve got a Kindle deal for you.

Check out our favorite Kindle deals for kids and adults below, and note that if you buy two Kindle Scribes today you’ll save an additional $40 thanks to this limited-time deal.

Best Kindle deal for kids

Why we like it

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids is made for young readers. It comes with 16GB of storage to hold all their favorite books and a year of Amazon Kids+, which gives your kid access to thousands of ad-free books, plus games, videos, and apps they can access on other devices (the Kindle is made for reading only). It has 10 weeks of battery life from a single charge plus a two-year worry-free warranty. The cherry on top? Your kid can choose their own cover with scenes of Emerald Forest, Robot Dreams, or Warrior Cats.

Best Kindle deal for most people

Why we like it

The newest model of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes with a larger screen of 6.8 inches and thinner borders for easier, more book-like reading, plus up to ten weeks of reading from a single charge and 20% faster page turn. The 300 ppi glare-free display is meant to mimic the page of a book, and the brightness automatically shifts so you can comfortably read whether you’re out on the sunny beach or in bed at midnight. Take all your books with you in one easy-to-carry Kindle, plus plug in your headphones to listen to audiobooks.

Best Kindle deal for note-takers

Why we like it

For those who love to take notes, highlight, and even doodle while they read, an Amazon Kindle Scribe with a large screen of 10l.2 inches could make your life a lot simpler. Use the included Premium Pen to mark up whatever you’re reading with your thoughts easily, then convert your handwritten notes to text through the Kindle app. You can import and mark up documents for work, journal, and even sketch with different brush types, from fountain pen to pencil. With 64GB of storage, you’ll have to work hard to run out of space for all your books on this device. Plus, this Kindle has the longest battery of all Kindle devices and should last you months.

Don’t forget: If you’re ready to buy two Kindle Scribes today you’ll save an additional $40 thanks to this limited-time deal.


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