Tickets to Sydney Sweeney's 'Immaculate' are only $6.66 at select theaters today

TL;DR: Tickets to see Immaculate are only $6.66 at select AMC, Regal, Marcus, and Harkins theaters on Wednesday, April 3.

Paying an ungodly amount of money to see a new movie in theaters? Not today, Satan. (Sorry.)

On Wednesday, April 3, tickets to the Sydney Sweeney-led and produced nunsploitation film Immaculate are only $6.66 apiece at select AMC, Regal, Marcus, and Harkins theaters. The offer applies across all showtimes — matinee and evening included, in case you’re interested in dedicating an extended lunch break to some edgy religious horror. (The movie has a tight 89-minute runtime.)

Immaculate finds the Euphoria star in the habit of an American — and crucially, chaste — novitiate who finds out she’s pregnant shortly after arriving at an eerie Italian convent to take her vows. With other nuns and priests convinced that the child she’s carrying is the Second Coming of Christ, things start getting predictably weird.

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After seeing it at SXSW 2024 last month, Mashable film editor Kristy Puchko deemed Immaculate “solid B-movie entertainment” that “[brandished] sex, violence, and gore with a heady mix of irreverence and star power.” Still, she wished it went even harder with its scares and message of bodily autonomy: “[As] Immaculate delivers its final brutal blow, I wish I was more shocked or awed instead of just nodding along,” she wrote.

Read Mashable’s full review of Immaculate.


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