The best OLED TVs of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

LG OLED evo M series specs – Screen size: 77-97 inches | Panel type: OLED | Refresh rate: 120Hz | Resolution: 4K | HDR: Dolby Vision IQ | Audio: Dolby Atmos | Voice controls: Alexa, Hey Google

If you want to go big, here’s your chance. The LG OLED evo M Series is quite literally the largest OLED TV in the world with up to a 97-inch screen for a truly cinematic experience at home. Of course, that’s provided you have the space as well as lots of cash burning a hole in your pocket. The TV uses Dolby Vision IQ HDR for enhanced detailing, color, and contrast as well as Dolby Atmos for virtual surround sound for more immersive audio while watching movies, online videos, and TV shows. The M Series is also LG’s first all-wireless model, using a small relay box to send video signals from your playback devices and game consoles to the TV itself for an ultra-clean look. 

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The wireless receiver is capable of providing video in up to 4K resolution and up to 120Hz for smooth motion during sports, gaming, and action scenes. However, be prepared to shell out top-dollar for the LG evo M Series, as the 97-inch model tops out at $30,000. The 77-inch version, which is the smallest available, is a more reasonable $5,000. Verified customer reviews at Best Buy, Amazon, and from LG’s own website all love the wireless connectivity between the TV itself and the OneConnect box, which allows for a clean, minimalist setup. They also call out the signature OLED picture quality, even with the larger, 97-inch screen.


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