The best graphing calculators of 2024

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE tech specs: RAM: 149KB | Size: 7.59 inchesScreen Size: 3.2 inches |  Weight: 7 oz | Power Source: Rechargeable lithium battery 

Texas Instruments has been making the graphing calculator for decades, and they’re still the best of the best. The TI-84 Plus CE, which is the latest version of what millennials probably used in high school, has a fully backlit color display, comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and is lightweight enough to fit into a backpack or purse easily. 

This calculator has everything students need for class: It’s fully loaded with several applications and functions for a variety of math classes and levels. One Amazon reviewer said, “This calculator is great for my grandson that is taking calculus and trig as a freshman in college. Easy to use, understand and easy to graph on.”

Plus, the battery is rechargeable, so not only are you saving money on constantly replacing batteries, but it’s easy enough for students to remember to charge it at the same time as their phones and smartwatches. Best of all, it’s PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exam-approved.

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