Marvel Would Like You to Read These Fantastic Four Comics Before the Movie

Today is April 4, and Marvel would like you to very suddenly pretend that this has long been a day to celebrate the Fantastic Four, a superhero team they have definitely 100% cared about 100% of the time and not at all because they’ve finally been able to put them into one of their own movies soon. But hey, look, free comics!

To announce this celebration, Marvel released a new poster of Johnny Storm inspired by the movie, illustrated by Marvel Studios’ head of visual development Ryan Meinerding, as well as encouraging fans to “celebrate 4-4 Day” at a link to the Marvel website. That link seemingly sent fans to a themed 404 error page, including concept art of the Fantastic Four’s robot companion HERBIE, but it actually held a secret link in the form of a faux-QR code placed on the little robot himself, clicking which sent fans to the real deal: an invite to the Future Foundation, and a recommended reading list “to prepare for the upcoming meeting” that are now free to read on Marvel’s Unlimited digital comics platform.

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