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Whether you’re traveling locally or overseas, the costs can quickly start to mount up, what with hotels, airfare and more. OneAir provides you with travel-deal options to help you save on your next trip. If you’re thinking about checking it out, now’s the time. A lifetime subscription to OneAir Elite is available for just $80 on StackSocial. The regular annual price for OneAir Elite is $79, so you’re getting a lifetime sub instead for about the same price. That saves you from any recurring fees, freeing up money you would’ve spent each year and letting you put those greenies toward all those travel essentials. Be warned, though: This offer is going to expire tonight, so we’d recommend you take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

The OneAir Elite plan can save you up to $2,000 on every trip, giving you early access to deals on everything from airfares to hire cars. You’ll receive unpublished flight deals as well as secret hotel pricing you wouldn’t otherwise learn about. The catch? You’ll need to act soon — this deal is only going to run for a few more days.

This subscription is a lifetime offer with no recurring fees, meaning you can book your dream vacation whenever you like and explore the world at a budget to suit you, not the airlines. There are other benefits as well, including personal one-on-one business- and first-class flight planning support and much more. All you have to do is get your lifetime membership ordered before the deal expires in a few days. 

If your budget is a little tighter but you still want some of the perks, StackSocial is also offering the OneAir Premium Plan for $40, which is just $11 more than the usual annual price for that plan. The primary difference between the two is that with Elite you have access to economy, business and first-class flight deals, whereas with the Premium it’s access to economy flights only. 

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