iRobot’s new Roomba vacuums start at just $250

iRobot is adding two new budget-friendly robot vacuum cleaners to its lineup that aim to provide the best of the cleaning basics, offering both vacuum-only and 2-in-1 vacuum plus mop models for less than $300. 

Superseding the Roomba 694, iRobot claims the new $275 Roomba Combo Essential vacuum and mop model offers 20x more suction power than its predecessor and increases estimated battery life from 90 minutes to 120 minutes on a full charge.

The liquid and suction settings on the Combo Essential can be adjusted between three levels. It also features a V-shaped multi-surface brush, an edge-sweeping brush, and a pump-fed microfiber mop pad for use across different surfaces. Additional features include suggested cleaning schedules based on previous jobs, reports that show useful information like cleaning locations and durations within the iRobot Home app, and a “Clean While I’m Away” setting for automatic cleaning when you leave home.

“Clean Map” reports that show how much of your home the Roomba has cleaned can be found in the iRobot Home app.
Image: iRobot

The Roomba Combo Essential can also be run in vac-only mode by removing the mop pad, but if you have no use for the mop feature at all, you can opt to buy the cheaper version that omits it entirely. 

The $249.99 Roomba Vac Essential robot is launching alongside the Combo Essential model, offering many of the same features in a vacuum-only package. It’s a nice touch, given how few rival robovac providers offer vacuum-only products these days. Mop features can be wasted on customers who don’t have suitable floors, and the space freed up could allow the vac to go longer without needing to be emptied.

Unfortunately, neither of the new Roomba Essential models has the option for an auto-emptying dock. That’s a little disappointing since the feature is becoming more prevalent on affordable offerings from rival robovac brands.

The Roomba Combo Essential robot is available now in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa via It’s coming to select US retailers starting April 7th and then Canada on April 12th. The Roomba Vac Essential will also be available at select US retailers starting April 7th and in Canada beginning April 12th, though global availability hasn’t been disclosed.


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