Google Maps Is Officially the Greatest App of All Time

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Graphic: Gizmodo

After 31 days in the trenches of Gizmodo’s March Madness bracket challenge, Google Maps has emerged victorious!

If you’re just tuning in, you can read all about our selection criteria for this historic contest right here. Check out the full bracket of contestants and winners embedded below. And if you think we missed your personal favorite app of all time, yell at us in the comments.

Where would we be without Google Maps? Well, we’d be wherever we are at any given moment, but we wouldn’t necessarily know where we are. Google Maps is simply a good app that has made life easier, and I’m proud of our readers for making such a responsible decision.

I’m not necessarily surprised that Google Maps came out on top, but the day-to-day choices our readers made during the tournament did keep me on my toes. When the bracket first kicked off, I predicted Vine would win. It created the template for a certain type of humorous video and didn’t stay around long enough to do any real harm. I was dead wrong. Vine didn’t make it out of the Sweet 16 and I think it’s probab

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