Don’t Nod reorganizes into three genre-based branches

Don’t Nod announced today that it’s reorganizing its company structure as it works on its new projects.

The studio will now work around three internal branches, each dedicated to a particular game genre in which Don’t Nod specializes: RPG, Narrative Adventure, and Action Adventure. According to the studio’s leadership, this new structure gives each branch space to innovate and grow autonomously from the rest of the studio.

The new Don’t Nod will also function as both a developer and publisher within each branch. The company overall currently has seven projects in the works, including the recently revealed Lost Records: Bloom & Rage. The other projects are four unannounced internal titles; Koira, an external project developed by Studio Tolima and an unannounced project with Tiny Bull.

Oskar Guilbert, Don’t Nod’s CEO, said in a statement, “Sustainability, innovation and creativity are the pillars of Don’t Nod’s strategy. Our commitment to fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay has led us to structure our organization, paving the way to deepening our specialized expertise in each genre. With a focus on strategic business growth, Don’t Nod seeks to solidify its position as a market leader by capitalizing on the popularity of RPGs, Narrative Adventures, and Action Adventures.”

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A spokesperson told GamesBeat that the new structure would not affect Don’t Nod’s current roster of around 350 employees, and that the company is looking for partners to co-produce some of its games. It will balance said co-productions with self-published games.

The spokesperson told GamesBeat, “We might slightly adjust the number of simultaneous in-house productions, so we can concentrate on projects that make the most of our talents’ expertise and are of an adequate size for Don’t Nod and maintaining an average of two releases per year. By continuously building upon what we created and learned, we can then better innovate in that framework. We continue also to work with external developers to bring their titles to the public.”


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