Does your Pixel 8 stutter while scrolling? Google has good and bad news

The display on the Mint Pixel 8 on top of a green notebook.

Max Buondonno/ZDNET

Since the fall of last year, I’ve noticed an odd stuttering issue on my Pixel 8 Pro display as I scroll through content. It’s not too bad, but once you’ve become aware of it, you can’t avoid seeing it. Some users have complained the issue is more obvious on apps like Reddit, Chrome, the Play Store, and Google News. Personally, I’ve found it more pronounced in the Google News (which I use regularly) and Facebook apps.

The good news is that Google is aware of the problem and has even marked it as “fixed” on their issue tracker (as first reported by Android Police).


The bad news is that Google is apparently not fixing the issue in Android 14 (where it’s currently happening). Instead, the fix will arrive with Android 15, which is slated for release in late summer or fall 2024.

Despite being marked as “Fixed,” there is no status update for the original posting, which was added on October 14, 2023. The five videos that clearly demonstrate the issue in that original posting are restricted, so only certain users can view them. If you scroll through the list of replies to the issue, however, you’ll see that many users are experiencing the problem.

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There is one comment (#231) in the issue tracker thread posted from a address (meaning it’s an official Google employee). That comment reads: “Ongoing optimizations in performance and power are slated for the next Android release. These include improvements positively impacting overall system UI jank as well as use cases tied to some Android applications.”

This is good news and makes me think we can expect to see considerable, overall improvements to performance and responsiveness in Android 15. 

Here’s to hoping.


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