'Daily Show' mocks Trump over Truth Social stock crash

Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform that Daily Show host Desi Lydic describes as “a website whose business model is ‘What if Twitter was just Nazis?'”, took a serious hit on Tuesday after the stock crashed 20 percenttaking $1 billion of its owner’s net worth along with it.

“Yeah Trump, you lost a billion dollars yesterday!” says Lydic in the monologue above. “Now you’re only worth $6 million you broke bitch.”

Lydic goes on to take some more shots at both the platform itself and its owner, ultimately concluding that Trump is just trying to be in every section of the newspaper at once.

“Finance, politics, style, city crime — it’s only a matter of time until he drops a theatre review,” says Lydic, before putting on her best Trump voice: “‘Just saw Wicked, total witch hunt.'”


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