Best Running Earbuds in 2024

I have been running on and off for quite some time. Since I can’t deal with the gross heat and sweat buildup that even the best over-ear headphones lead to during a run. So, I resort to earbuds. I’ve used a few open earbuds throughout my ongoing running era and have things I like and dislike about each.

For the uninitiated, open earbuds are, as the name suggests, buds that don’t completely block your ear canal so ambient sound can pass through easily. You’d go for these in situations where you want to stay aware of what’s going on around you. Hence, runners and bikers usually opt for open earbuds. Most open earbuds don’t feature ANC for the same reason. An ambient mode helps keep one aware of their surroundings.

If you don’t want to invest in dedicated running buds, you can go for any good wireless earbuds. If you’re shopping on a budget, these are our top picks for wireless buds under $150. And if you specifically want your surroundings completely blocked out, our top picks of the best noise-canceling headphones might be useful.

Best Running Earbuds for Battery and Water Resistance — Cleer Arc II

Since they were released, I have been using these as my everyday buds for everything from running to calls. On some days, I would even brush my teeth or wash my face without taking them off, and their IPX5 water and sweat resistance has been holding up just fine. For comparison, the other two buds in this list sport IPX4.

Using these as my daily buds is incredibly convenient because they require being replenished just once a week. With a huge 35-hour battery life (8 hours in the buds and 27 in the case), I have to connect them to a socket for around two hours on the weekend.

I will admit, though, that they aren’t as inconspicuous as the Bose Ultra Open. You will feel like you have earbuds on, and your ears might even want a break after a few hours. The good thing about these is that unlike the OWS 2, they’re well-designed and stay pretty glued to your ears throughout. They don’t even budge when I sprint across Pier 80.

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