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The Apple Vision Pro is more than just another AR/VR headset. Apple calls it spatial computing, and says it will change the way we interact with the world and our data. But cutting-edge technology doesn’t come cheap, and at $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro is out of reach of most people. Woot is offering the first sale on the headset, and while the device still comes at a hefty price, every little helps. Right now, Woot will sell you a 256GB Apple Vision Pro for $3,299 — a $200 saving over the price Apple charges. It’s important to point out that this deal won’t last long. Woot says that it’s only available for a limited time and buyers can only pick up one headset each.

Unlike a lot of Woot deals, the Vision Pro devices on sale there are offered brand new and with a full Apple warranty. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up an Apple Vision Pro, now might be the time to act. 

Importantly, after not being super clear with component sizing earlier, Woot has now disclosed more specifics. The units sold there will come with a size 21-watt light seal, small solo knit band and small dual loop band. So, if you’ve been through Apple’s measuring process and those sizes work for you, then you can save on Apple’s spatial computer with this deal. If the sizes don’t work for you, buying replacements from Apple will cost you more than you’ll save on this Woot deal. 

As for what you’ll get for your money, that’s hard to explain. You can read our experiences with the Apple Vision Pro after a month of testing to get a feel for what to expect, but the TL;DR version is that headset is like none you’ve used before. It runs VisionOS, and has an App Store all of its own full of games and apps ready to be downloaded. There are no controllers, so you’ll use your eyes to point at things you want to interact with and then tap with your fingers to select them. It’s computer-aided magic, but it’s just the start.

Apple’s pass-through technology means that Apple Vision Pro owners can dial in (or out) their environment at will, turning their office into a range of virtual landscapes including the moon and others. But really, if you’re already thinking about spending this kind of money on an Apple Vision Pro, you’re very familiar with what it can and can’t do. In fact, you’ve probably already clicked the big button up top. Enjoy!

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