Apple Announces macOS Monterey 37.0: Enhanced Performance and Intuitive Features

Apple recently unveiled macOS Monterey 37.0, the latest iteration of their desktop operating system. Packed with a range of new features and improvements, macOS Monterey promises enhanced performance and intuitive functionalities for Mac users. This article will explore the key features of macOS Monterey 37.0 and highlight how they enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features of macOS Monterey 37.0

Universal Control

One of the standout features of macOS Monterey is Universal Control. With Universal Control, users can seamlessly control multiple Apple devices, such as Mac, iPad, and even another Mac, using a single keyboard and mouse or trackpad. This feature eliminates the need for complex setups and allows for a more efficient workflow.

Focus Mode

To help users stay focused and minimize distractions, macOS Monterey introduces Focus Mode. With Focus Mode, users can customize their notification settings and choose which apps and contacts can interrupt their workflow. This feature enables users to prioritize tasks and create a more productive work environment.

AirPlay to Mac

With macOS Monterey, Apple brings AirPlay to Mac, allowing users to wirelessly stream content from their iPhone or iPad directly to their Mac. Whether it’s sharing photos, videos, or presentations, AirPlay to Mac provides a seamless and convenient way to extend the capabilities of Apple devices.

Live Text

Live Text is a powerful new feature that leverages machine learning to recognize and extract text from images. Users can now easily interact with text within photos, such as selecting, copying, and pasting. This feature proves to be immensely useful for tasks like extracting information from screenshots or searching for text within images.

Shortcuts for Mac

Expanding on the popular Shortcuts app for iOS, macOS Monterey introduces Shortcuts for Mac. This feature allows users to automate repetitive tasks and create custom shortcuts to streamline their workflow. With a library of pre-built actions and the ability to create personalized shortcuts, users can save time and increase productivity.

Safari Redesign

macOS Monterey brings a redesigned Safari browser with a refreshed look and improved functionality. The new tab design provides a cleaner and more organized browsing experience, while tab groups enable users to easily manage and switch between different sets of tabs. Additional features, such as Tab Bar extensions and enhanced privacy options, further enhance the Safari browsing experience.

FaceTime Upgrades

FaceTime receives significant upgrades in macOS Monterey, making it more engaging and inclusive. Users can now take advantage of spatial audio, which creates a more immersive and natural audio experience during FaceTime calls. Additionally, the new Portrait mode blurs the background and keeps the focus on the user, adding a professional touch to video calls.

Improved Privacy Features

Apple continues to prioritize user privacy with macOS Monterey. The new Privacy Report feature provides users with detailed insights into how apps access their data, empowering them to make informed decisions about their privacy. Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from knowing when an email has been opened, protecting user privacy even further.


SharePlay is a collaborative feature that allows users to enjoy shared experiences with friends and family during FaceTime calls. Users can listen to music, watch movies or TV shows, and share their screens with others, creating a virtual shared space for entertainment and productivity.

Find My Enhancements

macOS Monterey introduces powerful enhancements to the Find My app. The new Separation Alerts notify users when they accidentally leave behind an AirTag or supported device, reducing the chances of losing valuable items. Furthermore, Find My network now supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, making it easier to locate misplaced audio accessories.

Continuity Features

Continuity features on macOS Monterey bring seamless integration between Apple devices. Users can now easily switch between devices with Universal Control, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, Handoff enables users to start an activity on one Apple device and pick it up on another, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted user experience.

Quick Note

Quick Note is a handy feature that allows users to jot down notes quickly and easily. With a simple gesture or shortcut, users can create a note that automatically syncs across their Apple devices. Quick Note integrates with apps like Safari, Mail, and Maps, making it effortless to capture and organize information.

Maps Update

macOS Monterey introduces a significant update to the Maps app. Users can now explore cities in a stunning new 3D view, providing a more immersive and realistic navigation experience. Additional features, such as enhanced transit directions and improved search capabilities, make Maps an indispensable tool for users on the go.

Redesigned Notifications

Notifications in macOS Monterey receive a redesign, offering a more visually appealing and streamlined interface. The new notification summary gathers non-essential notifications and delivers them at convenient times, reducing distractions and allowing users to stay focused. Users also have more control over notification preferences, ensuring they receive only relevant alerts.

iCloud+ and Private Relay

Apple introduces iCloud+ with macOS Monterey, enhancing the privacy and security of user data. Private Relay, a feature included in iCloud+, encrypts users’ internet traffic and routes it through multiple servers, ensuring enhanced privacy and anonymity while browsing the web. With iCloud+, users can also enjoy additional features like Hide My Email and expanded HomeKit Secure Video support.


macOS Monterey 37.0 introduces a host of new features and improvements that enhance the performance and user experience on Mac devices. From Universal Control and Focus Mode to AirPlay to Mac and Live Text, Apple has focused on providing powerful tools to boost productivity and streamline workflows. With a redesigned Safari, upgraded FaceTime, improved privacy features, and innovative functionalities like SharePlay and Quick Note, macOS Monterey offers an all-encompassing upgrade for Mac users.


1. Can I upgrade to macOS Monterey if I have an older Mac? Yes, macOS Monterey is compatible with a wide range of Mac models. However, it’s essential to check the system requirements before upgrading to ensure compatibility.

2. How can I enable Focus Mode on macOS Monterey? To enable Focus Mode, go to System Preferences, select Notifications, and click on the Focus tab. From there, you can customize your Focus preferences and choose which apps and contacts can interrupt your workflow.

3. What is Live Text, and how can I use it on macOS Monterey? Live Text is a feature that allows you to interact with text within photos or images. Simply hover over the text, and options to select, copy, and paste will appear. You can use Live Text for various tasks, such as extracting information from screenshots or searching for text within images.

4. Can I use Shortcuts for Mac to automate tasks? Yes, Shortcuts for Mac enables you to automate repetitive tasks and create custom shortcuts. You can access Shortcuts through the Shortcuts app or by using the “Automator” feature in macOS Monterey.

5. What is Private Relay in iCloud+? Private Relay is a privacy feature included in iCloud+. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through multiple servers, adding an extra layer of security and anonymity while browsing the web.

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