Access all 14 Babbel languages for life for just $139.97

TL;DR: Through April 2, this price drop gets you a lifetime subscription to all 14 Babbel languages for just $139.97 (reg. $599).

There are many reasons one might want to learn a new language. For starters, it helps you communicate while traveling and can boost your marketability as a professional. If you have been thinking about learning another language, this lifetime all-language subscription to Babbel Language Learning is on sale for just $139.97 (reg. $599), so it might be a good time to take the plunge.

Not only can learning a new language open the door to new opportunities, but it’s also terrific for your brain health. According to an article in Real Simple magazine, learning a new language has a host of cognitive benefits.

Babbel was created with over 100 linguistic experts to help learners see success quickly. Designed for all levels, Babbel uses smaller lessons that take only around fifteen minutes to finish, which allows even the busiest professionals to get their lessons in.

Built with a conversational focus that steers clear of tedious drills, Babbel teaches you about things you’d need in the real world, like dining, directions, family, and weather. It also uses speech-recognition software to ensure you’re speaking correctly, which can be a big confidence booster for a new language speaker.

You get lifetime access to study all fourteen languages, from English, French, and Spanish to Portuguese, Russian, and Indonesian. This platform can be used to study anywhere, with lessons and progress synced across all of your devices. You can even download lessons to study offline if you have a long flight on the horizon.

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Feed your brain and lean into growth with all-language lifetime access to Babbel Language Learning for just $139.97 (reg. $599) until April 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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