5 Best White Label CRM Software for 2024

  • Best for white label CRM for marketing: DashClicks
  • Best white label CRM offering a mix of pricing and features: Bitrix24
  • Best white label CRM offering scalability: Vendasta
  • Best for tailoring sales processes and automations: Pipedrive
  • Best for customizing with additional coding: OroCRM

White label CRM tools are a type of customer relations management software that users are able to completely customize with their own branding, either for their unique business needs or to resell to clients. Organizations might choose a white label CRM software over one without that functionality for how quickly — and often cost effective — implementation can be, so teams can begin using it almost immediately.

Top white label CRM software comparison

What makes any top CRM software considered a white label CRM is a prebuilt platform, so organizations can edit, add and organize features particular to the business or industry. Customization, integration capability, an intuitive interface and reporting tools are all top features to consider when looking for providers. Let’s dive deeper into some of the top white label CRMs like DashClicks, Bitrix24 and more.

Software Customizations Integrations Intuitive interface Reporting features Free tier Starting price*
DashClicks High Yes Yes Yes No $99 per month
Bitrix24 Mid Yes Yes Yes Yes $49 per 5 users, per month
Vendasta Mid Limited Yes Limited No $79 per user, per month
Pipedrive Mid Yes Yes Yes No $14.90 per user, per month
Oro High Yes Limited Limited Yes Contact for quote

*Starting price with an annual subscription.

DashClicks: Best for white label CRM for marketing

Our star rating: 4.2/5

DashClicks logo.
Image: DashClicks

DashClicks is an all-in-one agency platform offering white label fulfillment and software to marketing agencies. DashClick markets all of its solutions as white label, offering coverage over end-to-end sales processes, from identifying and targeting leads to closing deals. Users can totally adapt their platform to attract both inbound and outbound leads, then convert those leads into customers and finally help maintain those clients through optimized project management.


What’s unique about DashClicks is that it offers CRM software at a flat fee. It is not dependent on the number of users or contacts the business expects to have.

  • Flat fee: $99 per month. This payment provides access to all apps and features and allows unlimited users and sub-accounts.


  • Sales pipelines: Sales teams can access and track multiple deals and streamline sales processes all from one dashboard. DashClicks allows for unlimited sales pipelines, which helps businesses have total transparency over different processes.
  • Analytics dashboard: Users can gain real-time insights into campaign and project reporting. Through this feature, DashClicks offers access to valuable reporting across all channels for entire teams from one single dashboard.
  • Website builder: Users can access DashClicks’ InstaSites platform that can build an entire website with cohesive branding through their drag and drop feature. Uniquely, users can even build websites in bulk with AI-powered tools, all from one place (Figure A).
Dashclicks website builder templates.
Figure A: DashClicks InstaSite website template page. Image: DashClicks

DashClicks pros and cons

Pros Cons
14-day free trial. Can be costly compared to alternatives.
Offers a feature-rich mobile application. Users report poor social media management.
Vast social media integrations. Users report occasional platform bugs.

Why we chose DashClicks

DashClicks divides its core features into how businesses can attract customers, maintain customers and then maintain those relationships. DashClicks has advanced website building tools that can be used as a marketing tool for attracting new customers. Its functionality as a white label software is robust, with customizations available from one dashboard. This makes it a great option for those looking for a one-stop-shop for a CRM tool.

DashClicks pricing structure is unique. It offers its services at a flat fee rather than pricing the tool out by the number of users or contacts. This could be a benefit for mid- to large-size organizations. For smaller businesses looking for a provider with pricing plans that depend on user count, check out Bitrix24.

Bitrix24: Best white label CRM offering a mix of pricing and features

Our star rating: 4.1/5

Bitrix24 logo.
Image: Bitrix24

Bitrix24 offers an entire suite of business tools like calendars, contact centers, website builder and a reliable CRM tool. Bitrix24’s white labeling functionality allows businesses to totally customize the solution with their own brand identity, including logo, color scheme and domain name. From there, businesses can collect high value leads through web forms, email and social media campaigns and then nurture those leads through their branded platform.


  • Free: Unlimited users and 5 GB of storage with limited access to features like collaboration, website builder and other core CRM tools.
  • Basic: $49 per 5 users per month, billed annually, or $61 per 5 users when billed monthly. This tier offers everything in the free tier, plus more task and project features and customer support.
  • Standard: $99 per 50 users per month, billed annually, or $124 per 50 users when billed monthly. This includes everything in the Basic tier plus video calls, CRM analytics and more.
  • Professional: $199 per 100 users per month, billed annually, or $249 per 100 users when billed monthly. This tier offers advanced business process automations and more.
  • Enterprise: $399 per 250 users per month, billed annually, or $499 per 250 users when billed monthly. This tier offers full support- of HR, scalability, administration tools and more.


  • Bots and AI: Bots and AI on the site can answer common questions through chat features. This helps smaller businesses with customer support through the business’ website, so reps can focus their time elsewhere.
  • Mobile app: Businesses can utilize Bitrix24’s easy-to-use mobile app to increase user flexibility. Since Bitrix24 is a cloud based platform, all client information and data can be accessed on the go through their secure storage.
  • Multichannel communication: From live chats, comment boxes and built-in telephony services, Bitrix24 allows users to communicate internally with secure, speedy and native chat tools (Figure B).
Bitrix24 internal video chat tool.
Figure B: Bitrix24 multichannel communication video feature. Image: Bitrix24

Bitrix24 pros and cons

Pros Cons
Offers iOS and Android mobile applications. Users report a learning curve when starting with the platform.
Offers native and third-party integrations. Reports of delayed reserved resource reports.
Users report file sharing and team collaboration is easy. Users report poor setup, support and refund policies.

Why we chose Bitrix24

Bitrix24 gives businesses and their end users a solution to customizing a white label CRM for a competitive price. Especially with its 30-day free trial, users are able to access an e-commerce module with online payments and estimates. Users are also given built-in project tracking and management tools in addition to all standard marketing and CRM features. Bitrix24’s available integrations

Even though Bitrix24 is so cost effective, there are reports of the platform not being as user-friendly as others on this list. If you want an intuitive white label CRM system, check out DashClicks or Pipedrive.

Vendasta: Best white label CRM offering scalability

Our star rating: 3.9/5

Vendasta logo.
Image: Vendasta

Vendasta offers an Agency-In-A-Box solution that builds a CRM platform that handles end-to-end sales and marketing. Its services have been used by startups and international tech companies alike. Vendasta’s Starter premium tier offers only co-branded content, while its Professional tier and beyond are totally white labeled with logos, domains and more. Its white label features include lead and content automation.


  • Always Free: Businesses can access the platform for free and then only pay for the wholesale costs of the products you resell.
  • Full-stack Agency: Starting at $50 per month. Access a full suite of white label sales and marketing tools.
  • Starter CRM: $79 per user per month, billed annually, or $99 per user when billed monthly. This tier supports unlimited client users, 1,000 email sends a month and more.
  • Professional CRM: $499 per 5 users per month, billed annually, or $649 per 5 users when billed monthly. This includes everything in the Starter tier plus 1,000 workflows per month, email tracking and more.
  • Premium CRM: $999 per 10 users per month, billed annually, or $1279 per 10 users when billed monthly. This tier offers everything in Professional, plus a customized business app, online learning resources and more.
  • Custom CRM: $2499 per a custom amount of users per month, billed annually, or $3099 per when billed monthly. This Custom tier offers full access to Vendasta’s features, like in-market training, team reporting and more.


  • Client meeting tracking: Users can connect with clients through integrations with Google Meet, Zoom, Crankwheel and Meeting Scheduler built directly into the Vendasta platform.
  • Sales collaboration: Vendasta offers a Sales & Success Center with a Loop feature, that gives the entire organization visibility into the latest sales activities and interactions from prospects. Sales reps can see where they rank against each other using metrics like revenue or opportunities in real time.
  • Snapshot report: Instead of giving users a bunch of overwhelming data, Vendasta offers automated snapshot reports. They produce detailed analysis of marketing channels and competitive intelligence powered by Google (Figure C).
Sample Vendasta snapshot report showing automated insights.
Figure C: Sample Vendasta snapshot report. Image: Vendasta

Vendasta pros and cons

Pros Cons
Users praise customer support and training. Users report frequent platform bugs.
Vendasta marketplace offers robust customizations. Limited reporting capabilities.
Offers robust marketing solutions. Users report complicated billing processes.

Why we chose Vendasta

Vendasta provides extensive support for those looking to purchase and then resell their CRM solution. It specializes in helping organizations reproduce their solution to sell to local businesses in their market. If your team doesn’t have the resources or expertise, Vendasta offers a white label marketing services team to fulfill digital marketing services under your business’s brand.

Vendasta can be pricey compared to others on this list of top white label CRM providers. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution, and depending on your business size, consider DashClicks or Pipedrive.

Pipedrive: Best for tailoring sales processes and automations

Our star rating: 3.6/5

Pipedrive logo.
Image: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a totally customizable CRM software that allows users to standardize the processes and activities associated with each deal and make it specific to their business needs. Users can customize pipelines with visual kanban boards, add custom fields and multiple currencies. There’s the additional feature of accessing Pipedrive’s marketplace, where users can purchase tools or open APIs to connect other software in their tech stack.


  • Essential: $14.90 per user per month, billed annually, or $21.90 per user when billed monthly. This tier comes with product catalogs, data import and exporting, custom fields and more.
  • Advanced: $27.90 per user per month, billed annually, or $37.90 per user when billed monthly. The advanced tier comes with everything in Essential plus email open and click tracking, group emailing, automations and more.
  • Professional: $49.90 per user per month, billed annually, or $59.90 per user when billed monthly. This includes everything in Advanced, plus revenue forecasting, team management and more.
  • Power: $64.90 per user per month, billed annually, or $74.90 per user when billed monthly. Power tier supports everything in Advanced including 90 active automations per user, unlimited insights dashboards and more.
  • Enterprise: $99.00 per user per month, billed annually, or $119 per user when billed monthly. This top tier includes everything in lower tiers plus unlimited open deals, custom fields, insight reports and more.


  • Permissions: Administrator users can customize what users can do in Pipedrive. Beyond this key feature, Pipedrive offers variable user permission sets that are suited for different levels of user access.
  • Multilingual multi-currency: Pipedrive is available in 22 languages and in all major currencies. It also specifically supports multiple currencies for organizations that sell internationally.
  • Pipeline stages: Users can create pipeline stages that correspond with each organization’s unique sales flows. Pipedrive comes with basic pipeline stages, but users can rename, create, delete or reorder them, as well as create multiple views (Figure D).
Sample Pipeline pipeline with drag-and-drop feature.
Figure D: Sample Pipeline pipeline with drag-and-drop feature. Image: Pipedrive

Pipedrive pros and cons

Pros Cons
14-day free trial. Add-on features can be pricey.
Offers 24/7 customer support. Automations and smart contact data only available for premium tiers.
Offers a la carte upgrades and purchases. Security alerts and rules only available for Enterprise tiers.

Why we chose Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a very intuitive CRM software that’s easy to use and offers super visual pipelines for its users. Pipedrive also allows for different partnerships with their platform. Solution providers, technology partners and affiliate partners can all customize how their businesses can integrate their solution with Pipedrive to offer branded customers access.

Pipedrive can help organizations tailor processes to their unique business needs. But, if you’re looking for an all-in-one white label agency with more marketing solutions, consider DashClicks.

SEE: For more information on this provider, check out our Pipedrive review.

OroCRM: Best for customizing with additional coding

Our star rating: 3.2/5

OroCRM logo.
Image: Oro

OroCRM gives developers a head start since all basic CRM features are pre-built into the platform. From there, users can build and code on top of the platform and get to market faster. Some core features include accounts, leads and campaign management tools. If the intention is to resell the product, The OroCRM team works with OEM resellers to build pricing and licensing models for end-customers.


  • Open source CRM: Free to download.
  • OroCommerce: Contact for quote. Enterprise pricing is dependent on cloud hosting, GMV and users. Plans start with 25 admin users and additional users can be added for an extra fee.


  • Workflows: Users can build multiple workflows to optimize best practices and manage specific sales processes, marketing activities and more. OroCRM also offers email and Google Hangout integrations that automatically upload and track emails, contacts and calendar events.
  • Recency, frequency and monetary analysis: Users are able to quantitatively identify top customers based on how recently they’ve purchased, how often and how much they spend when they purchase. From there, OroCRM uses that information to create segments for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Contact management: With this feature, users can view and manage all of their accounts, customer interactions and information from one hub. OroCRM will also automatically sync and update customer profiles, and merge accounts. This gives users complete control over the way they manage their customers (Figure E).
Sample OroCRM contact page.
Figure E: OroCRM contact profile page. Image: OroCRM

OroCRM pros and cons

Pros Cons
Provides self-guided demos. Doesn’t offer mobile applications.
Offers B2B expertise. Users report a platform learning curve.
Users praise Oro’s feature richness compared to alternatives. No upfront pricing.

Why we chose OroCRM

OroCRM is ranked on our list of top open-source CRMs. This software offers specific features that can help B2B ecommerce organizations who are looking to move their businesses totally online in one hub. OroCRM also supported a variety of industries, including real estate, financial services, insurance, retail and more.

Since OroCRM does require extensive coding experience, it might not be the easiest platform to start with for some businesses. If you’re wanting a white label CRM with add-on features prebuilt, consider looking into DashClicks for their all-in-one platform.

How do I choose the best white label CRM software for my business?

Now that we’ve identified the top CRM providers with white labeling functionality, the next step would be to request demos, sign up for free trials or begin communicating with the sales team of the providers on this list that peak your interest. White label CRMs are known for their easy onboarding and deployment of the software, helping businesses get the solution off the ground quickly and ready for selling.

Below are questions to consider asking when choosing white label CRM software:

  • Does the CRM software integrate with tools you already have in your tech stack?
  • What is the total in-market expertise for your industry, if any?
  • Is the CRM scalable and detailed enough to fit your small business or enterprise?
  • Does the software fit your business’s budget? Would a free CRM tool be a better option?

FORUM: Here are some factors to consider when choosing a CRM.

Review methodology

When I evaluated white label CRM software, I used an in-house rubric with outlined criteria with a special focus on white label capabilities. After scoring and then reviewing each provider with the rubric, an algorithm calculated an overall star rating, which I used to assign each software an ideal use case. That start rating is on a scale of 1-5.

Below are the exact scoring criteria I used:

  • Cost: Weighted 25% of the total score.
  • Core features: Weighted 25% of the total score.
  • Customizations: Weighted 15% of the total score.
  • Integrations: Weighted 15% of the total score.
  • Ease of use: Weighted 10% of the total score.
  • Customer support: Weighted 10% of the total score.


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